Hi, I'm Paul Marrable

Senior full Stack Dev at Codemasters, co-owner of Plinx and game dev at Flump Studios. Developer of the TIGA award nominated games, Horizon Shift, Hyper Bounce Blast and Horizon Shift '81.

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I am currently a senior server developer for the live services department at Codemasters in Southam. I also run an independent video game studio called Flump Studios and a small web design company called Plinx.

I have been developing software and games for over 25 years and I have maintained a strong passion for software development, clean coding in particular. Over the years I have gained experience developing with C#,C, C++, Javascript, Python, VB, Lua,Unity 3D, HTML, CSS, SASS, AngularJS, ReactJS, ASP.Net, SQL and various other languages and frameworks.

As a web developer, my current preferred stack is C# .Net 5.0/Core 3+ , Entity FW and ReactJS. I also enjoy working with Node.js and feathers.js on my hobby projects.

As a game developer I am use Unreal 4 with C++ to develop my current side project. In the past I have primary developed games in C# via XNA, Monogame and Unity 3D. In the more distant past I have used BASIC, Pascal, VB6, C++ with allegro and C (for a small Megadrive homebrew project).

I live in Leamington Spa with my wife and 2 sons, I enjoy cycling and the occasional jog.

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Product Reviews

“There’s no way around it, in my opinion. Horizon Shift 81 is a must have for any Switch owning SHMUP fan.”

9/10 - The Nintendo Nomad

“This is one of the best shoot 'em ups available on the Nintendo Switch”

(A-) – Defunct Games

“Overall, Horizon Shift ’81 is a great time. A unique, fast-paced shooter that oozes enthusiasm and passion”

Thumbs Up – Nintendo Life

“The arcade shooter inspired gameplay puts a fun twist on the classic genre that provides hours of pure, flashy entertainment. ”

8/10 – TheSixthAxis

“It’s half platformer, half shoot ‘em up. Isn’t that beautiful?”

Rock Paper Shotgun

“Hyper Bounce Blast has a ton of replay value and is super entertaining.”

—A rating Ubercrit

“Hyper Bounce Blast is Flump Studios’ latest love child. It mixes a whole lot of genres together in one crazy mashup and it’s surprisingly good at it as well.”

— 9/10 3rd Strike

“If you are an unwavering addict of shmup and bullet hell games or are simply curious with a streak of masochism, you need to check Horizon Shift out. Your search for space shooter heaven is over. This is the end of the line.”

— 9/10 Gamers Honest Truth

“Arcade nostalgia meets indie Innovation.”

— 9/10 Splash Games

“It features great music and fast paced gameplay. If you’re a fan of old-school arcade games, this is definitely one for you.”

— 8.5/10 Game Insider

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Web design

Tekla UK

Web design

Flump Studios

Web Design

Horizon Shift '81

Video Game

Horizon Shift

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Tools & side projects

Plinx Chat

Tools & side projects

My Experience

July 2020 - Present

Senior server developer

After a few months as a full stack developer, the senior server developer at the time decided to leave the company, moving over the server role seemed like a perfect fit as I had spent most of my time server-side and it's where I felt my skills were best developed.
The role has been proven challenging but rewarding, as there is no technical personnel above me, in my department, I report directly to management and am in charge of any technical decisions that need to be made regarding our server architecture.
The tech - .Net Core, .Net FW 4.x, REST services, SOAP services(WCF), RabbitMq, Dapper, ADO.net, Entity framework, MongoDB, Teamcity, Octopus deploy and many more.

February 2020 - July 2020

Senior full stack web developer

My full stack role at Codemasters was more varied than my previous roles and has me jumping from web API and app development to game server development, from architecting large projects and databases to client side coding and even the occasional desktop app. I use a range of technology and stacks at Codemasters, but the majority of my time is spent with .NET core 3.1, MSSQL and ReactJS.

January 2019 - February 2020

Full stack web developer

API, Web app and website development. Working primarily with .NET Core 2+, Identity server, React with redux, and MSSQL with Entity FW core.

April 2016 - January 2019

Full stack web developer

Web app and website design and development.Working primarily with C# .NET and .NET Core, React, Umbraco and MSSQL with Entity FW Core and ADO.

March 2017 - Present

Business Owner

Plinx web design offers simple, out of the box, web solutions for individuals and companies looking for straight forward, affordable and beautiful web designs.

January 2011 - Present

Video game developer

The running of Flump Studios involves the creation of video games, both solo and part of a small team. For our latest project we are using C# with Unity3D and .NET core for our online services, moving over from C# with XNA/Monogame to aid in development speed. For many years Flump Studios was my full time job, until my first son was born and decided I needed somethng more stable

Flump Studios
May 2005 - December 2010.


Web design, mainly static static sites via dreamweaver and/or pure HTML/CSS/JS,Creation of small business desktop software with C++ and VB .Net and image creation and manipulation

Benesoz IT Solutions

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